Press Features

Here's a (unfortunately incomplete) collection of snippets featuring CATS & DOGS in the press. If you stumble across a magazine or an online article featuring CATS & DOGS, please let me know!

If you are interested in conducting an interview with me or are interested in featuring me in your magazine/blog, drop me an email at:

Stylelovely Feature: New Year's Eve Make-Up

Stylelovely Feature: Bloggers' Holiday Look

Stylelovely Feature: Christmas Makeup (red lipstick)

Stylelovely Feature: Christmas by Bloggers

Stylelovely Feature: Animal Inspired Print

Stylelovely Feature: Asos Earrings

Stylelovely Feature: Eyeliner

Stylelovely Feature: Bloggers' Tattoos


Just Another Fashion Magazine

Feature on the UEBERLABEL blog with NARA SACA necklaces.

German GLAMOUR feature on the Stradivarius Blogger Event.

Brazilian REVISTA CATARINA Magazine

Feature on the blog "ZARA is the new black".

Stylestalker features (2010 + 2011)

Various snippets from the past...

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