Eccola! Selfmade in satin

Ok, I'm just throwing this in quickly before going back to my studies!!
I guess no need to post the picture of the inspirational piece from MakiMaki again? Ok!

What I used: 80 cm of coral coloured satin/cotton mix, 20 cm of black satin/cotton mix, 2 m of satin ribbon + thread and my sewing machine
What it cost: all together I payed €23 on fabrics
What I changed: I made it more look like a Kimono than a normal teeshirt, partly beause I prefer it like that, but also because the fabric was basically begging me to make it look like that! I also sewed on real satin ribbons instead of stitched-on-ones, because I wanted it to be a bit more sophisticated and also more 3D and shit like that. Third, I made the black part a bit wider because the width of the sleeves was kinda asking for it, too!
What I kept: The colour of course, and the three ribbons, the middle bar and the altogether idea of the dress/shirt.

And now, here it is! One of my best quality dresses so far, I really gave an effort on it :) Can't wait to wear it out in spring/summer.


  1. wow, its a really cool interpretation of that maki dress, looks great! also love the belted boots :) your blog really inspires me - i wanted to go though your archives but there's a photobucket problem.. do you think you'll be able to get your old pictures back up? kisses from cyprus! x

  2. wow!
    very well done, looks great on you.
    I think I like your version even better than the original shirt/dress.

  3. chloe: i know, i'm sorry there's some bandwith problems with the old account... i'm currently re-upping the old pictures somewhere else but it takes some time cos i'm also busy studying and other things ;) they'll be back soon, tho!!

    lily: awwwhh thanks girl!

  4. i am loving the belted boots. the kimono dress looks perfect. reminds me of sushi somehow. haha. you look great btw.

  5. this is soooo beautifull!!!
    i can't believe that you made it by yourself.

    you look so girly and chic :)

    amazing outfit :)


  6. I just saw the original version you saw on makimaki, and my GOD they're almost identical.. You're talented!

  7. love your outfit !!! =)


  8. Das sieht wirklich sehr gut aus :)! Hast du toll gemacht. Dein Blog ist richtig schön, du erinnerst mich ein bisschen an die französische Betty :).

  9. The colour suits you so well!

    x x x

  10. Eine der wenigen gut angezogenen Menschen in Hannover. Danke dafür.

  11. this is amazing! I should say... better than the original!! good job!
    I tried this boot a lot of time... my mother said: "they're horrible!!" so I decided to not buy them... but now I'm so sad :(

  12. Wow, looks beautiful :D

    I'm so in love with the boot straps! I orderd some on eBay! Hope I recieve them soon..

  13. oh yeah i was searching for "real" boot straps before I created this DIY with the studded belts, but I wasnt so lucky to find any on ebay and stuff :)

  14. absolutely amazing! i'm quite jealous of your DIY skills!

    fantastic photos and fantastic tattoos.

  15. Great top, it makes the outfit more playful, but also more grown up because of the black, and the shape of it. Great look :)

  16. würdest du mich hauen wenn ich es dir nachmach ;)?


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