Away and away...

Yes, alright people have been writing me asking if everythings okay or why Im not posting, well I can tell you that Im finally having holidays and thus for three weeks find myself in the city as seen above! Unfortunately the weather in Belgrade is nooot as great as it could be, yet... but we have hope!

Another thing I was being asked about are where I got the pyramid studs from. Well those specific ones I got from ebay Germany, but if you search for pyramid studs on any ebay you will probably find something of use for you!

Outfit posts coming as soon as my boyfriend installed his photoshop again!

Take care everybody, hope you are having a similar nice time wherever you are!


  1. I have allready searched in the german ebay but I found only silver pyramid studs)but I need golden ones)you have golden studs,don't you?
    hhmm I also looked in the uk ebay and they have golden studs but it is a bit complicated with shiping.
    I will try to find them.
    Thank you!

  2. Hey du bist in Belgrad (:
    Da war ich auch vor kurzem.
    Was ist der Anlass dazu?

  3. wey!!! i was just looking around and i saw ur amazing blog, wich by the way, i love it!!! keep it up

  4. want to be in look10:

  5. wow schaut aus wie in Polen, sehr beeindruckend. ich bin gespannt auf deine outfits, sie sind immer eine inspiration!

  6. lisa, sorry no i only have silver pyramid studs! but shipping from uk is easy if you have either a paypal account or a credit card! and shipping from uk is usually fast and not too expensive!

  7. fair enough! everyone needs a break!
    I look forward to your return!


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