Knit me, kitty

Today, uni starts again - ugh! But I spend the early morning hours just as the last few days - knitting! It's really quite addictive... and knitting in this super-loose way, you see results so much sooner than with 'normal' knitting, so it's great for people like me: with NO patience whatsoever!
Haha, I wish you another wonderfully sunny day as it is here!


Details on how I knitted this piece will follow once it is finished! :D


  1. ich mach das auch sehr gerne :)

  2. There is a legend that the famous physicist P.A.M. Dirac, after watching someone knitting, he proved that from a topological point of view, you can do it in only two different ways :)

  3. I can sew but I can't knit; I seriously need to practice. It's crazy what you can make with yarn.

  4. haaaaa! dont remember how to knit .. (i knew when i was younger..) .. you're soo talented! cant wait to see the result!

  5. are you knitting a rodarte-inspired sweater!? im jealous. i wish i knew how to knit!!

    The Voguette

  6. ^yep, I wrote about it in the previous post, too :D well it looks pretty cool till now, hope to show the results soon!

  7. Amazing work on the dress!! Do you think you'll be putting up some guidelines as to how you did it?! Please pretty please!!


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